Hello everyone!

Hello 🙂


I finally decided to start my own blog about my life in Switzerland (hence the name).


I arrived here a little more than six years ago (as of 2018) and I have always wanted to share and write about my life in Switzerland. Yup, just let my thoughts out to whoever is curios enough to wander around here, and equally I think this might also serve as a digital diary that I can access from anywhere, whether at home or taking one of those long-ass train rides, and I could read and reflect back about my past life and events as the years go on.

Having said that, I am lazy (not because I am refugee) when it comes to writing and keeping a schedule (super procrastinator) so, I will might not blog for a long time. I also say what I mean without being mean, so I may ruffle some feathers, and I have realized that once you tell people you are a refugee or immigrant (specially in online forums) most people get spicy and just try to bring you down or become hostile. I have more of that negativity in my life, I could lend it to China. So, comments will be gone, sorry.

I also hope this site offers some of the people who live in Switzerland about the true opinions, views, character of at least one immigrant and how I see Suisse and the Swiss. And Since I will also be compiling other examples and ways of living from those in my community, you will get to understand more than just one person. I have lots of things to say, and I plan to blog about it, if given the enough time.

Even though I have said, I am lazy and will rarely blog, but in the coming weeks or months I might write a bunch of articles about what happened, how I arrived in Swiss and my first impressions, the hustles of integrating, language, expectations and more .. so make sure to check back.