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      Moving to the United States is a dream for many people of various nationalities, but it isn’t an easy goal to achieve. There are limited ways to get green card in USA, and most of them require you to have a relative already living and financially established in the country. If you have no such

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      About the Green Card Process and Our Services – USAIMC – Guest Post0

      About the Green Card Process and Our Services Uncovering Our Beliefs and Goals First and foremost, we believe in the United States as a country and as a guiding principle. For many years, the United States of America has been a beacon for diversity, acceptance, and giving every individual a fighting chance for success. Our

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      Green Card USA Official Website – Briefing and Overview The green card USA official website provides additional information on the US green card lottery program, the process for the obtaining a green card through the lottery, documentation and required forms to obtain an immigration card, and information to apply to obtain a lottery green card.