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Citizenship application information

Our site offers a lot of information about citizenship: who is eligible, who should and should not apply, updates on immigration law, etc.

Most people think that getting citizenship is almost automatic and apply without a lawyer. If your immigration history and life are spotless and you are well-organized and speak, read and write English well, you may well apply on your own without any problem. However, what seems like a small problem – or no problem at all – to you may result in being denied and placed in removal proceedings. We try to alert you to some of these problems. We also provide a general orientation to the process.

Unfortunately, we cannot alert you to whether your local USCIS office or the officer who will interview you office go out of their way to find problems in your case. Only an experienced local attorney can do that. That is why we recommend you hire one.

If you are in Connecticut, feel free to call us at 203 239-2299 (Monday-Thursday 8:00-6:00, Eastern time) and set up an appointment at our Danbury or North Haven offices. We have been citizenship lawyers in Connecticut for more than twenty years, helped hundreds of people get their citizenship, and helped dozens of others avoid or resolve problems with USCIS.

For now, enjoy browsing the site and learning about applying for citizenship. Feel free to send us an email with your suggestions on improving the site.

Our $1,500 package: citizenship start-to-finish with an attorney at the Hartford USCIS office

We offer a very competitive package to guide you through the citizenship process. First, one of our attorneys will meet with you, prepare your application, and show you what you will need to study in order to pass the English and civics tests. Then we will submit your application. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we will meet with you to prepare your for your interview and take you to your interview at the Hartford USCIS Office.

This package price only applies for cases at the USCIS Hartford Office. You may not eligible for this package if you have been arrested, lied to immigration, failed to file and pay your taxes on time, or if you need to make a disability naturalization application. We have a lot of experience with these applications, but when the case is complex, we have to charge a higher price.

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