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Medical Waste Disposal

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ProMed Waste Solutions LLC

Medical Waste Disposal

Are you searching for a medical waste disposal company that will come to your location when scheduled and handle all aspects of the pickup and the associated paperwork in a professional manner and according to legal guidelines?

ProMed Waste Solutions LLC is Florida’s number one and largest privately owned medical waste and sharps processing disposal company. We currently have three locations, Tampa, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, which enables us to service the entire state logistically near one of our processing facilities.  This gives us a tremendous advantage over our competition.

ProMed Waste Solutions LLC is a medical waste disposal company which offers a wide array of services to (534) 400-96923173133605, veterinarians, research labs, schools, surgery centers,281-475-2365, as well as autoclave services to other medical waste transporters. We offer "one stop" shopping and a price lock guarantee. We offer group doctor discounts as well. We can also dispose of universal waste, hazardous wastepharmaceutical wastee-waste, and provide shredding and recycling services. We also offer integrated waste stream solutions and reusable sharps management programs for high quantity generators such as hospitals and surgery centers. No matter how large or small, we can customize a program to fit your needs. We offer large group discounts and will save you money on your waste streams.

Our company prides itself on providing you with premier service and expertise for medical waste disposal affordably, efficiently and responsibly. We not only meet but exceed all state and federal regulations. Extra attention was paid to the environment by adding features that will keep our planet green.

Our compliance department offers comprehensive services such as customized OSHA and Department of Health compliance manuals, on-site or online training and mock inspections. The Department of Labor trained and certified Compliance Specialists can assist you in any way to fit your needs.

When you call into our office you are not calling a national call center, you will be speaking to the same people. We know our customers by name. You are not just a customer, you are our friend and partner. It is all about friendly customer service and being proactive with the customers. You are priority #1. Whatever it takes to make you happy is what ProMed Waste Solutions LLC strives to do.

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Medical Waste Disposal
Medical Waste Disposal





















































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