Boston Mold Inspection

Our Commitment to Home Health Safety in Boston

Your home is where you live. This is the place where you eat and sleep. Your home is also where you let your family live. Here you spend quality time together watching television in many of your rooms. Here you spend time reading books and playing video games with your children in the living room. Your home is sacred, which is why you should make sure that it is a safe place to live in for your family. A home presents many dangers that you may not be aware of. Your house is full of wood, wallpaper, tables, desks, chairs, etc. These objects can all be affected by mold, which is a product of moisture inside your home. Mold can cause allergies, trigger asthma attacks, and it can lead to various infections. Another hazard that you should be weary of in your home is the presence of asbestos which is present in many states all across the country. Asbestos are fibers that can enter your lungs and line themselves in your lungs. When this occurs, you may develop lung diseases and cancer that can plague you and your family for life. Your home may also have a lot of paint on the walls. Are you aware that certain paint has lead in them? Lead poisoning is a condition that can affect your children as their central nervous systems are not yet developed. This poisoning can trigger many complications. Have us check your homes for any of these. Our job is to make your environment a safer place to live in.

Our mission and vision

In the home you live or the office that you work in, there are many environmental hazards that threaten the health and safety of everyone inside the home or office. We know these environmental risks and we know the risks and complications that each of these environmental hazards present. We know:

  • Where they form and why they form in specific areas. We have trained individuals who are certified at detecting different hazards such as molds, asbestos, and lead that can be found in any home or office.
  • Know how to specifically test for each of these environmental hazards in your home. We have the specific tools to check for the different locations of these hazards. Our representatives all have a working knowledge of how to operate these tools. In the vent that any of these tools break, our representatives have back-up tools waiting in their service vehicle.
  • That your time is valuable, which is why our representatives will conduct their inspection and testing at a highly efficient manner so that they can deliver the various tests to accredited laboratories that will efficiently conduct tests on their findings to produce results that will be compiled into complete and comprehensive reports that will be essential at improving the safety of your home.
  • That you value your family’s safety, which is why our representatives will answer and questions that you may have about the various health hazards in any home. To further aid you in safety measure, our representatives will even take the time to train you on very effective methods that you can use to maintain and preserve safety in your home or office.

Services that we offer

We offer many useful services that improve health and safety in homes, offices, schools, and other buildings. Among our specialized services are:

  • Mold inspection- In many homes, molding is a common problem that is found in many walls, ceilings, windows, and many other parts of the home. Molding can lead to various health complications such as:
    • Nasal and Sinus congestions
    • Watery eyes that are irritated and red
    • Nose and throat irritation
    • Skin rashes
    • Miscarriages for pregnant women
    • Allergic reactions and asthma
    • We deal molding by:
    • Remediation (mold removal)
    • Investigation and report
    • Inspection and testing
    • Lab analysis and testing
    • Air-conditioner and duct cleaning
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Disinfecting and deodorizing
    • Fumigation
  • Asbestos inspection- Asbestos is one of the most dangerous carcinogens known to man. When a person inhales this, the complications that can arise from the accumulation of this can lead to many fatal illnesses and even cancer.
    • We deal with asbestos inspection by:
    • Investigation
    • Testing and inspection
    • Lab analysis and testing
    • Gathering and Preparing reports
    • Prevention training
  • Lead inspection- Lead inspection is essential for the safety of any household. Lead poisoning is another fatal health hazard that can cause so many complications such as irreversible brain damage for people of all ages. You should be aware that lead poisoning is especially prevalent on many children who eat paint chips and who breathe air with lead particles.
    • We deal with lead inspection by:
    • Investigation
    • Testing and inspection
    • Lab analysis and testing
    • Gathering and Preparing reports
    • Prevention training

Why we are the best at what we do

Here at Boston Inspection Detection Environmental Assessment Group, safety and health is what we believe in. We live it, breathe it, and practice it 24 hours a day. In hiring our service, we will locate the health hazards in your home. We will locate them even in the most difficult to locate area. How do we do this? This is our expertise. Try our services immediately; your quality of living will improve leaps and bounds.