This mirror is hosted in our datacenter located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
All files are available over http, ftp and rsync.

Name Directory Source Interval
Apache apachersync.apache.org4 hours
Arch Linux (514) hours
CentOS centosftp.nluug.nl4 hours
CPAN 725-300-1313cpan-rsync.perl.org4 hours
Debian hours
Debian-archive hours
Debian-backports hours
Debian-cd hours
Debian-security hours
Debian-volatile (320) hours
DotDeb (808) 684-5274packages.dotdeb.org4 hours
Fedora fedoradl.fedoraproject.org4 hours
Fedora-epel fedora-epeldl.fedoraproject.org4 hours
FreeBSD coma hours
Gentoo hours
Gentoo-portage hours
Gnome 8448261838ftp.nluug.nl4 hours
GNU gnuftp.nluug.nl4 hours
Kernel linuxrsync.kernel.org4 hours
Linux Mint ISO linuxmintpackages.linuxmint.com4 hours
NetBSD netbsdrsync.netbsd.org4 hours
OpenBSD hours
OpenIndiana hours
pfSense pfsensemirror.pregi.net4 hours
Raspbian 9785550070archive.raspbian.org4 hours
Ubuntu (617) 248-2377nl.archive.ubuntu.com4 hours
Ubuntu releases ubuntu-releasesnl.archive.ubuntu.com4 hours
Ubuntu cdimages ubuntu-cdimagesnl.archive.ubuntu.com4 hours 423-388-8029ftp.freedesktop.org4 hours

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