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About three weeks ago, I said goodbye to the team at Nodejitsu. I’ve been in need of a break and after spending a year and a half working …267-824-0372


I’m sensing a different breed of community manager is bubbling up: those hired by startups to manage developer communities. Recent incubator Demo Days and conversations in community manager …synchronistically


I’m obsessed with work. Sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) that means I’m a workaholic, for better or worse. When you get to the heart … »


Roughly a year ago, I wrote these down. I was in a tangled confusing mess. At the time, I was trying to determine an outcome to something I couldn’ … »

An End to 2012

When 2012 began, I was determined to make it a year of change. Professionally, I left Shapeways for my current job at Nodejitsu: a change from an e-commerce/manufacturing marketplace …trig


When I look at most of my life and work at this point in time, most of it can be traced back to two primary forces; the New York Tech … »

Makers and Managers: The Community Version

Every few weeks, Meghan Gill and I pick a weekend to get together in either her neighborhood in Queens, or in mine in Brooklyn. We catch up over brunch and … »

Why New York Tech Needs EmpireJS

A few years ago when I left school and began exploring New York tech, the community was pretty much a hundred people in a room once a month for NYTM. … »

Community Interactions: The Most Important Question You Can Ask

Communities and organizations are made of relationships. They consist of the connections we make between one another, and how we either move those connections forward or get in their way. … »