Oh, hello, nice to meet you!

My name is Danh Le.

I am a web developer that specializes in both frontend and backend stacks.

About me

Your full stack web developer

I have experience with developing the following projects.

  • Creating dynamic webpages
  • Content management systems
  • Wordpress blogs
  • eCommerce websites

I enjoy the challenge of keeping up with the latest trends that the field of web development has to offer. Whether it's a new JavaScript framework, fresh libraries that help rapid development, or methodologies that help improve work culture, I thrive on delivering solutions for any business challenges. How can I help you?

Danh Le



Experience with some project


Strong with many projects


Strong with many projects


Strong with many projects.


Strong with many projects


Strong with many projects


Here are some sample projects that I've worked on.

Real Value OC & LA

A data visualization app built on AngularJS, Angular Leaflets, Angular Material, and d3.js

Meetup Map

An app that takes user searches and looks for nearby Meet-ups and Youtube videos and displays them on a Google Map. Utilizes 3rd-party APIs and Google Material design

MLA Citations Tic Tac Toe

A client side game that teaches MLA citations inside a trivia system. Built in Javascript and Bootstrap using OOP concepts.



Feel free to reach out to me about any inquiries or opportunities.