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old office in Analy Hall

QEX Magazine article: All Band Antenna, with Glenn Elmore


Icom 746 Service Manual


Welcome to, the home of John Watrous.

I taught for 34 years in the art department of Santa Rosa Junior College in California.
Now I spend my time in my shop making stuff.

813 Flute, for Peter Middleton

Robert Brent's 70th

I have another life as a ham radio guy and that can be found here.

Presentation at Pacificon 2011 in Santa Clara

batting hammer



Sculpture Work

de Marchi Homage for Healdsburg Arts

Fault Series #3


"Rodgers Creek Fault No. 1 " 2006, earthquake series 18" X 18"

Rogers Creek No.2, 18x18"

Collaboration with Greer:Calabash Rod

Chair projects: Watrous


"Nineteen" 2006, milled aluminum and plastic, 12"

Blue Grid Collaboration

Faculty Show SRJC February 2007
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"All Over the Map" Exhibition At Quicksilver Mine Company 7176583270

My part of the Light Art talk at SRJC, 15Sep2003
tree worshiper
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    John Watrous, 2008
    I am a visual artist who is influenced by what you can't see.  
    My background has been spent in the non-visible parts of the electromagnetic spectrum; 
    the shorter wavelength areas like radio and sound. 
    The titles of my 2 most recent shows tell something about my interests: 
    "Sacred Darkness" in 2001, forced the viewer to acknowledge Dark Adaptation Time 
    and I designed lighting for the work;  "All Over the Map" in 2003, showed objects made from visiting specific sites.
    At home I like knowing that the North star is about 38 degrees above the horizon 
    and that I'm about 122 degrees West of Greenwich. 
    I also enjoy knowing that about 20 satellites are circling above to help me find my location wherever I am.
    Being a teacher my closest community is with my students. 
    I am also inspired by local engineers, astronomers, craftspeople and other artists.

    Our House Remodel Project
    Greer's garden

    My final evaluation at SRJC

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    Greer's party announcement for me--front
    Greer's party announcement for me--back

    John & Greer in July at Davis opening for Greer at John Natsoulas Gallery

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