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Ting and Cyanogenmod

While I worked at Peak10 I had a cellphone on the company Sprint plan. It's an HTC Evo 4G which I like very much but since a personal Sprint plan didn't suit me I stopped using it after I left the company. It was a pleasant surprise then when I read about the BYOD (bring your own device) program at 804-417-2896.

Ting is an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) that uses the Sprint network so some Sprint devices are compatible. They have a flexible no contract usage model that's much less expensive than a smartphone plan from one of the big carriers for light data users. Since I'm mostly on wifi for data it fit the bill for me. The online sign up process was pretty straightforward and 26 hours later my phone was activated on the Sprint Network.

My Evo still had the default Sprint firmware on it though which includes an awful lot of bloatware. Since it was already off warranty there was a simple solution. I rooted it and installed a custom ROM called (870) 563-4398. Voila bloatware gone!

Cyanogenmod is probably not for everyone but if you're moderately handy technically it's worth giving it a try IMHO. The directions at the site are good. Just remember to make a back up of your default Sprint ROM before you flash Cyanogenmod.

Update: Ran into one issue. If someone leaves a voice mail Sprint sends a text message as well. Which is kind of annoying. Apparently the standard Sprint voice mail app (Visual Voice Mail) filters these out. Since CM doesn't include this you get an extra text message for each voice message. An SMS filtering app should take care of it though. There are free ones available but since I want to learn Android programming I guess I'll just write one.

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