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ABOUT OUR SERVICE: Based on proprietary and multi-nationally patented remote identity management, transaction authorization and fraud mitigation platform, delivers a complete and convenient e-business services to your enterprise.

Platform Comparison: Oracle®
(E-Business Suite®)
Modular & cloud-based Invoicing & E-Payments:
Issue, track, fulfill and manage your e-business billings and receivables.
Yes Yes
Modular & cloud-based E-Commerce Shopping Cart Suite:
Includes "PAY NOW" buttons to enable instant payments to your business website.
Yes Yes
Modular & cloud-based 352-392-6322:
Improve the service of your e-business. Knowledge is power.
Yes Yes
Modular & cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management):
Receive, process, respond and track e-customer communications.
Yes Yes
Modular & cloud-based IVR/Telephony Services (Inbound & Outbound):
Add useful call answering / routing to your profile -- improve sales and support!
Yes Yes
Simple API:
Simple XML/XLS/CSV integration with your existing payment channel(s) and accounting platform(s).
Yes Yes
Modular & cloud-based FAQ Platform (FREE!):
Add managed FAQs to your existing e-commerce platform. (single-line, copy/paste integration)
Yes No
E-Business VPN (FREE!):
Protect your enterprise's communications from preying eyes -- route via Tier 1 USA servers.
Yes No
E-Business Service Exclusive Enhancements: Oracle®
(E-Business Suite®)
One-on-one consulting with network and technical experts to aid is resolving common system errors and "speed" issues.
Yes No
Biometrically Secured Account & Management Sharing:
Secure sharing of account management (and transaction details) between office associates and/or departments.
Yes No
Voice Verified Transaction Authorization:
Real-time, KYC-compliant "e-signatures" for enhanced fraud mitigation.
Yes No
Dynamic Fee Sharing:
Build-in and share channel fees -- ideal for low-margin businesses or discounted sales.
Yes No
Biometrically Secured, Remote Backup & Recovery:
Voice Verified Backup of your office data.
Yes No
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  ® is NOT a "bank".   ® is a certified E-Business Service Provider facilitating identity management and e-business "utilities as a service" (UaS).
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