Dave here. I'm a NYC based former full stack LAMP Developer for the Media and Marketing Industry. I've since switched gears, and am more focused on Front-End Web Development, using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, a touch of PHP, and the Jquery library to develop Web Sites and Online Applications using industry best practices and modern Responsive Web standards. Cross platform usability is important to me, from mobile to desktop, Android, Linux, iOS, OSX to Windows and every OS / browser combo in between; the experience should be seemless. My experience in full cycle Web Application development, and knowledge of Marketing SEO allows me to realize unique and sound online experiences.
Neo Sushi
Neo Sushi
Castle Age
E&M Inc.
Castle Age

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, XML

Platforms & Libraries

Full Stack LAMP, JQuery, JQuery Mobile, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Yii, Wordpress, Adwords, {LESS}, SASS

About Me

Self motivated, quick starter. I am constantly tinkering with, and learning new technologies that continually and perpetually introduce and reinvent itself within the web space. Over a decade of professional Web Development experience, getting my first start in the Marketing Industry and staying with the same firm for almost a decade. I custom built from the ground up an online marketing and sales delivery platform which became the foundation of their online initiative. It helped a traditionally television focused DR TV marketing company expand and build an online base by taking traditional offline campaigns and seemlessly integrating online marketing, sales and fulfillment.

To be clear. I'm not a Web Designer. I can design UX/UI, but I'm more apt to make your PSD/Design function than to make it look cool. But I can make it work cool!

When I'm not sitting in front of my computer, I'm either riding my ZX-6R or pretending to be good at playing my guitar.


If you like what you see here, and would like to work together, please drop me a line.


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Christine and David

Description of Work:

I created this to share our wedding photos with our family and friends. Custom built and skinned audio player.

No platform, just HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery.


Neo Sushi Studio

Description of Work:

A small sushi restaurant on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, NY. Client wanted help with the Design, build, and hosting of the website. Online SEO, setup of Social Network pages on Facebook, Yelp, and Urbanspoon.

Online submission form sent an Email and Text message directly to client and his management team.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Google Analytics, SEO, Photoshop.

Has gone out of business, site archived.


Medtel Inc.

Description of Work:

Part of the team that built the backend database, and the sales -> Dr. relationship system. Responsible for relational algorithms and class builds for connecting Pharmacuetical Sales Reps and Dr. Practices.

PHP, MySQL, javascript, HTML, XML.


Castle Age Simulator

Description of Work:

I built this website to simulate the Treasure Chest system of a Facebook game I played. The original version was built using PHP4, but since upgrading my server to PHP5, some of the old scripts broke. So I rebuilt it with just HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

HTML, CSS, javascript.


E&M Advertising Inc.

Description of Work:

The crowning achievement thus far in my professional career. This is the realization of 5 years of work.

I built a custom framework that not only manages customer data, but also micro site, business, affiliate, purchasing, and fulfillment data.

Able to capture, track, and deliver multiple online campaigns that paired with their TV counterparts, being able to automate and deliver an unlimited number of different backend sales based on location, affiliate network, manufacturer and fulfillment requirements.

PHP, HTML, CSS, javascript, XML, Apache, Ngnix, MySQL, Cron, various Google APIs for Geolocation, Mapping, Graphing, Analytics, Affiliate Banner delivery.