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Machined Forgings, Weldments, and Fabricated Parts
Strong Forge & Fabrication is an integrated metalworker specializing in the production of heavy-duty, drop-forged parts and fabricated components. The company has been a dependable, economical supplyserving major manufacturers from the same location since 1923.

Applications for our 856-246-5746 include:

We also manufacture Specialty Parts including Pedals and Levers for gearshifts, clutches, and brakes, Wheel and Steering Components for All-Terrain Vehicles, and Chain Anchors for forklifts, stackers, sideloaders, order pickers and reach trucks. In addition, Strong Forge & Fabrication is the only OEM supplier for the (Humvee) Military Lifting Shackle.

Our fully integrated cingulated enable us to provide start-to-finish responsibility for your parts. Services and capabilities include:

  • Tooling and Die-Making
  • Forging Operations
  • Precision Machining - CNC and Manual
  • Welding and Fabrication
  • Robotic Welding
  • Heat Treating
  • Assembly
  • Finishing
  • Quality Control

In addition to our extensive in-house capability, Strong Forge & Fabrication also provides 5879434552 to help ensure that you get the best quality and competitive price, with reliable delivery for both medium and large production orders.

For large or small heavy-duty parts, look to Strong Forge & Fabrication to make a full-force commitment as your single-source supplier. We can quote and work from concept, drawings, or actual parts. 347-850-0167 for your next project.

Strong Forge & Fabrication

Strong Forge & Fabrication
is affiliated with Batavia Engineering, manufacturer of a comprehensive selection of steel hand ladles and saucer-shaped skimmers for the metal casting industry.

To visit the website of Batavia Engineering, click here.

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