6 Amazing Health Benefits of Clay Pot Cooking!!!

6 Amazing Health Benefits of  Clay Pot Cooking

Have you ever wondered why the Dum Biryani cooked in Clay Pot at your favourite restaurant is so much tastier than the Biryani cooked at home in steel vessels?

The secret lies in the clay pot!!!

Let me explain to you why it’s high time to switch to clay pot cooking not just for cooking tastier food but also for it’s amazing health benefits


Better Moisture and Heat Circulation

Clay pot is inherently porous in nature thereby allowing both heat and moisture to circulate evenly through the food resulting in slow yet aromatic food.

Better Retention of Micronutrients

Clay pot cooking retains the nutrition of the food, which is generally lost in other types of utensils. This is due to the slow process of cooking and better circulation of heat in the clay pot compared to other utensils

Adds Important Minerals to the Food

Clay pot cooking also adds many important nutrients like Calcium, Phosphorous, Iron, Magnesium and Sulfur to food which are extremely beneficial to our body

Reduction in Usage of Oil

Due to the heat resistant nature of the Clay pots and pans  as well as the slow cooking process, all the oils and moisture in the food are retained therefore there is no need for you to add any extra fat or oil to moisturise the food

Maintains pH Balance

Clay is alkaline by nature and improves the pH balance by interacting with the acidity in the food, which eventually makes the food healthier and a lot tastier.

Retains the Flavours of the Food Better

The slow cooking and porous nature of the clay pots and pans ensures that the moisture and aroma of the ingredients stays in the pot without losing any nutrient thereby retaining the flavours. It also adds a unique earthy flavour that you wouldn’t get by cooking in any other type of utensils


How to Select a Claypot

You would find various types of clay pots and pans online as well as in the shops as it is such a rage these days. While selecting the clay pots and pans, please ensure that you do not buy any glazed or polished pots. This is because the substance used to glaze the pots may contain lead, mercury and other harmful substances that may negate the health benefits.

So to benefit from healthy cooking in clay pots please select only unglazed pots.

Hope you found the above information useful and would start enjoying claypot cooking soon. Please do leave your comments.