Great Simplicity

Welcome to Great Simplicity

Great Simplicity is a beautiful HTML/CSS website template that is free for anyone to download and use. It is unbranded, which means you don't have to include an annoying link back to my website. Most free web template makers require users to pay to get that link removed. Great Simplicity is great and simple, just as the name implies.

Some great features of Great Simplicity include:

  • Web font embedding - the main font that Great Simplicity uses is called Open Sans. Even if that font isn't installed on your computer, Open Sans will appear on the website. This is all thanks to Google Webfonts.
  • Five different colors - This template comes in five different colors. The default one is gray, but also included are blue, green, red, and purple.
  • The sidebar - the sidebar is on the right by default but can be easily moved to the left side or deleted. It comes with a menu that can have links to other pages or websites.

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