Peppered Plum is Moving

If you follow my Facebook page or VIP group, you are aware that I am in the process of moving. This has been an exciting and tiresome endeavor! However, we are finally towards the end of the process. We now have a closing date, so I'm able to set a timeline for moving. Yay!

With that said, I will need to close the website until all my inventory is moved and internet is transfered. Please note that will be closed November 22nd and reopen at a future date. I'm leaning towards January 1st. If there are items you are interested in purchasing, please submit all orders ASAP as I will be in full moving mode starting next Friday. 

Thank you for supporting my small business! Each purchase has directly helped me and my family prepare for our new house. Every item shipped has helped to clear a bin that I can use to store dishes, clothes, and odds and ends! Don't forget to join Peppered Plum Preview for exclusive last minute deals and savings. Now is a great time to score some great Christmas gifts!!! 

Until next year ....