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  • Computer Support Specialist

    Beginning 2002

    Writing the programming language BASIC out of a manual just to play Centipede on my Commodore VIC 20 as a kid was harsh, yet I yearned for more. Loving the devices and that electric scent of circuitry, I gained the momentum to delve deeper. Becoming a certified Computer Support Specialist allowed me to prove myself in over 60 computing competencies from PC repair to basic Computer Networking.

  • Systems and Network Administrator Born

    In the trenches and DMZs of Information Technology, I was formed. Honing my skills through further education and with my nose to the grindstone of real world experience, projects and contracts made me a sort of jack of all trades. Having to develop efficient and cost-effective solutions based on a client’s budget is very different than a classroom's model of how the world of IT actually works. I strived to become better and the best in my trade, excelling in cross platform environments by obtaining certification through Cisco Network Academy at Miami Dade College, all while perfecting my Linux skillset.

  • Systems Security Specialist:

    Choose your hat!

    The Force is strong with this one! Being that I have dealt with so many environments, I had to protect them. Knowing the industries best practices from day one, security was all important. Because I feel I have a personal stake in every project I grow it as my own and therefore it shall be secured. The attitude towards security reigns constantly on all projects I have put my stamp on. Desktops to Network traffic are always nurtured proactively.

  • Consulting Services

    Answering the call of the masses!

    Aiding the quad-county area of southeast Florida for over 10 years, as the solutions guy, Magic Kat Solutions began. Solutions for the emerging businesses of the quad-county area we rally behind the cry WE ARE LAUNCHING!

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